At the end of the day, it's all about meaningful experiences.

Although I spend most of my time focusing on strategy, proces & concept development, I'm extremely passionate about delivering ideas & beautiful visuals that support meaningful experiences.

The most important part of the design process is meeting people. I'm always looking forward to understanding, presenting ideas and getting response.

I'm weirdly passionate about building simple slides that help people get on the same page. The process towards simplicity is where we often learn the most.

As a self taught designer, I've always used all the tools at my disposal to create great experiences and keep an open mind in the design process.


2020 - Current

Head of User Experience & Design

At One I'm leading the design team.

In my broad role I work with culture, processes and visual design systems that support and evolve our brand and create consistent, intuitive and meaningful experiences across the entire product portfolio.

2018 - 2020


Strategy & Design

I worked at Trouble as a Strategist, Project Lead and Designer.

My role spanned across everything from communication strategy and project leadership to concept development, visual design, motion design, audio and implementation.

At Trouble I've worked with:
Ørsted Global / Ørsted DK / Bang & Olufsen / TAKT / Swarovski / Ricola / The Index Project / Kayak / Bitcoin Suisse / Art Rebels / 506, Rigshospitalet

2015 - 2018


Lead Digital Designer

My role at Designit was focused on concept development, digital design and project leadership. Besides that I had an active role in company leadership (hiring new designers, employee wellbeing etc.)

At Designit I worked with:
Danmarks Radio, ARLA, United Nations, Givaudan, Clever, Telenor, Moove, Bank Invest (Darwin), Nordea, Nykredit, Lloyds Banking Group, Total Kredit, DGI Byen

2014 - 2015


Senior Designer & Project Lead

My primary responsibility at Citrix was leading the complex design process of combining 3 support products into one consistent experience. That required new UI & UX design, backend structure and building a team across Denmark, Germany and the US.

My formal role in the project was Lead designer and it involved everything from designing and creating an elaborate design system, getting buy in from stakeholders and inspiring a team of designers and developers.

2007 - 2014


Art Director

At Konform I started my career working with graphic design on album artwork, posters, logos etc. My role evolved into a focus on digital and I worked closely with developers about big complex solutions for Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Universal Music, Better Place, Sony Music and many more.

Besides working for clients I was heavily involved in designing and iterating on the internal hosting, CMS system and files sharing services (

Music sketches

Late at night when the kids are sleeping, I use my Prophet, MPC and guitar to relax my brain and let my thoughts flow in new creative directions.